Online Presentation Format

In order to offer the best possible quality of content we have decided that most contribution types will be played as pre-recorded videos during allotted sessions on the Zoom platform (hosted by Bamberg University in Germany and Gustave Eiffel University in Paris, France).

Each session will have two moderators. One moderator will play the pre-recorded content while the other will moderate a live q & a session. This will be repeated until all presentations in the session are played and discussed. The content will be played only if at least one author per presentation is registered with the conference and present during the whole session and available to participate in discussions about their contribution.

Keynote and invited speaker presentations will be live, but a prerecorded video will be made in case there are any difficulties with the connection. Keynotes, invited speeches and panel discussions will be live streamed on Youtube (if they agree). All presentation videos will be publicly posted online post-conference on the InLitAs ECIL Youtube Channel and we kindly ask you to let us know if you don’t want your content to be archived in this way.

We will require a pre-recorded video for Paper (20 min.), Doctoral paper (15 min.), Best  practices (15 min.), Pecha Kucha (6 min. and 40 seconds) and Poster presentations (5 min.). 

Additional information about Posters

Poster presentations will be organized in break-out sessions on Zoom and participants will be able to switch among those in real time. More information on break-out rooms here and here. Required poster dimensions are: A1 format (594x841mm).

Upload the poster in PDF format under the Final Upload section on the conference management system:

Poster PDF’s will be available for download during the conference.

Panels and Workshops

Panel and workshop proposals will have the opportunity to specify their desired arrangement. An e-mail will be sent to authors of each panel and workshop proposal where we will discuss and decide the best way to provide the content and ensure active participation by attendees.

Format of video recordings and upload guidelines

Acceptable format for pre-recorded presentations is MPEG-4 (.mp4) and a set of guidelines on how to create the videos can be found below. Please record the videos in the best quality available to you (maximum size 200MB, preferred resolution 720p HD).

Please upload a video record of your presentation by 2 July 2021. You can upload your video on the conference management system: The upload option will appear as the 3rd file under Final Upload option for each of your accepted contributions.

Video creation guidelines

There are several video conferencing tools available to easily record a presentation. Powerpoint or Zoom are among the most preferable.

Both Zoom and Powerpoint presentation software allow recording audio and video directly in the application and can export appropriate video files in MP4 format.

See relevant links below for more information regarding Powerpoint and Zoom.


Follow these instructions to add audio and video to your slides.

Follow these instructions to generate a MPEG-4 (.mp4) file from your slides and audio/video.

Follow these instructions for local Recording.