Invited speaker – Alexandra Becker

Dear colleagues,

we are pleased to announce our invited speaker – Alexandra Becker!

Alexandra Becker works as a research assistant at the Media University in Stuttgart, Germany. She has been researching the usage behavior of self-learning areas in a live laboratory since 2012. Since 2017 she has been leading the research project Lernwelt Hochschule, in which the development of the university is systematically surveyed from the perspective of student orientation. Some of her most recent publications are Lernwelt Hochschule – Dimensionen eines Bildungsbereichs im Umbruch and Zukunft Lernwelt Hochschule – Perspektiven und Optionen für eine Neuausrichtung.

Address title: Shift from teaching to learning?! How learning spaces enable information competencies of students and teachers. Status quo and challenges at German universities